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Lea County Clerk

Keith Manes, Lea County Clerk 

Contact Us:

100 N. Main Avenue, Suite 1C
P.O. Box 1507
Lovington, NM 88260
Phone: (575) 396-8619
Fax: (575) 396-3293

Keith Manes, Lea County Clerk

Tryon Hassen, Chief Deputy County Clerk

County Clerk Keith Manes was elected in 2016 as Lea County Clerk. He appointed Tryon Hassen as his Chief Deputy.
The County Clerk’s office is the official record keeper for Lea County. All documents pertaining to Lea County land are recorded in this office: deeds, oil & gas leases, mortgages etc. Any document which a person wishes to place on public record such as discharges from military service, powers of attorney, stipulations, espousal agreements, etc. are also recorded. To be eligible for recording a document must have original grantor signature(s), complete notary with seal or certified copy from county, state, federal government or a court of law. Uniform Commercial Code documents and copies of past and current County newspapers are on file.
The Clerk’s office issues marriage licenses. Licenses issued in Lea County may be used anywhere in the State of New Mexico but the record of the license and marriage are maintained in this office. The Clerk is also the Probate Clerk to the County Probate Judge and maintains all probate proceedings executed by the probate judge.
The County Clerk is the Chief administrator of elections. All elections except municipal elections are planned, conducted and canvassed by this office. Voter affidavits and files are processed and updated and all records pertaining to elections are maintained.
The Clerk is the ex-officio clerk of the County Commission, he or a deputy is required to be present and take minutes of all commission meetings. The preservation of commission proceedings such as minutes, ordinances and resolutions is the responsibility of the Clerk’s office.
By State law all records in the Clerk’s office are permanent and available to the public.

Clerk Office Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday

(Closed most federal holidays)



Inspection of Public Records Act

The Inspection of Public Records Act is intended to provide the public with access to information on governmental affairs. The law requires public access to virtually all public records with a few exceptions. Most records are available for public inspection during normal business hours. To request to inspect records from Lea County please send a written request to:

Records Custodian:

County Manager Mike Gallagher
100 N. Main Avenue, Suite 4, Lovington, NM 88260
Phone: (575) 396-8601 Fax: (575) 396-2093

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