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LCHC Board Members


Melva Lujan
Nor-Lea Hospital District
Mayra Lovas
JF Maddox Foundation
Lyndsey Gooch
Nor-Lea Hospital District
Treasurer/Fiscal Agent
Lorenzo Velasquez
Lea County Director of Emergency Management


Dereka Addis
Nickie Blevins
Eunice Health Office
Sandra Caballero
Desert Springs Healthcare
Lorena Chavarria
Sheri's House of Hope
Michael Foust
Guidance Center of Lea County
Lyndsey Gooch
Nor-Lea Hospital District
Fidelia Griego
Jal Clinic
Gretchen Koether
The Pheonix House
Mayra Lovas
JF Maddox Foundation
Melva Lujan
Nor-Lea Hospital District
Zachary Starrett
Oceans Behavior Hospital
Lorenzo Velasquez
Lea County Emergency Management
Evelyn Rising
UNM Hero

Council Membership

Membership of the Health Council is made up of individuals representing healthcare, public safety, education, and community service organizations from all five major communities in the county.
The Health Council is made up of no less than nine and no more than 18 voting members. Perspective candidates will submit an application to the Health Council for approval by the members and the Lea County Commission.
The council has enabled its members to learn about the services that other members and their organizations provides, share resources and helps multiple agencies come together to work toward common goals. They feel it has strengthened their communication and helped eliminate duplication of services.

Membership Categories consist of:
• Behavioral Health
• Civic/community Non-Profit
• County Wide/Business
• Housing
• Education
• JF Maddox Foundation
• Emergency Management
• Fire Department
• Hospice & Home Health Care
• Law Enforcement
• New Mexico Junior College
• Tatum Senior Center
• Lovington/Nor-Lea Hospital District
• Hobbs/Lea Regional Medical Center
• Eunice
• Jal Health Clinic
• Presbyterian Medical Services

Council Activity

Council Activity

The Health Council meets once a month to recognize and discuss the needs of the community as well as coordinate efforts to meet these needs. Finally, these meetings also serve as a way for the members to share news and resources from their organizations.
The Health Council adheres to the guidelines set forth by the Open Meetings Act by posting its agenda and minutes. These meetings are also open to the public.
Health Council Focus

Health Council Focus

Through extensive community research, the Council has identified the following health concerns in Lea County to address through its pooled expertise and resources: teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and chronic disease management.
Council Overview

Council Overview

The mission of the Lea County Health Council is to promote an optimum quality of life by linking local governments, community-based resources and the people of Lea County. In pursuit of its mission, the Health Council educates citizens to be wise consumers; identifies community needs and available resources; maintains communication between local governments and the citizens of Lea County; and develops strategies and plans to address recognized needs. Since its creation in 2005, the Health Council has been steadily helping the various community health-related organizations by working on issues such as teen pregnancy prevention, housing, alcohol and drug prevention and childhood obesity.
Membership Application

Membership Application

If you or someone in your organization is interested in becoming a member of the Lea County Health Council, email TheLeaCountyHealthCouncil@gmail.com.
You can also attend the next Health Council meeting to better understand what the meetings are like and how you and your organization can get involved.

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