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Knowles Fire Department


The Knowles Fire Department is a 30 member, totally volunteer, Fire/EMS organization that serves approximately 12,000 citizens in 250 square miles of the "Land of Enchantment" in the heart of Lea County.
We have 13 Firefighter/EMTs, 14 Firefighters, and 3 Dispatchers. Our personnel constantly train on procedures to keep them abreast of any emergency situation that may arise. They are trained in structure fires, grass fires, LPG fires, oil field fires, farm rescues, motor vehicle accidents, and hazardous materials emergencies, to name a few.

The Knowles Fire Department Emergency Medical Technicians are licensed by the State of New Mexico. We are very proud of the fact that we are the first volunteer EMS organization in Lea County to offer Paramedic service. Our EMS personnel are trained to serve you in any situation from minor cuts and scrapes to major trauma. We do not offer ambulance service, but operate under New Mexico law as a "Registered Medical Rescue Service". Our primary function is to respond, stabilize, treat, and package the patient prior to the arrival of transport ambulance service.

The Knowles Fire Department has 3 Class A Engines with "Pump and Roll" capabilities, 2 Water Tankers, and 2 Wildland Grass rigs (1 type 4 and 1 type 6). with a total rolling water capacity of 14,000 Gallons. We also have a Breathing air trailer to refill Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, and a Type III Medical Rescue Vehicle that responds to all calls. This unit responds for medical and communication needs.
The Knowles Fire Department is under the leadership of Fire Chief Michael Singleton.

The Knowles Fire Department Personnel are your friends, your neighbors, and your relatives. They are in some cases strangers, but best of all, they are "There When You Need Them".

Thank you for supporting the Knowles Fire Department

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