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Fire and Emergency Services


Lea County, New Mexico, has three volunteer fire departments located in Knowles, Maljamar & Monument. There are a total of 9 Fire Departments in Lea County with 5 being Municipal Fire Departments.

Volunteer Fire Departments most often cover a large amount of land. The Knowles Volunteer Fire Department covers an area of Approximately 194 square miles, Maljamar Volunteer Fire Department covers 546 sq miles and the Monument Volunteer Fire Department covers 364 sq miles.

A Volunteer Fire Department is a fire department composed of volunteers who perform fire suppression and other related emergency services for local jurisdictions. According to the National Volunteer Fire Council, 73 % of firefighters in the United States are members of Volunteer Fire Departments. Volunteer firefighters contrast with career firefighters who are full-time firefighters, working organized shifts, usually based in a centrally located firehouse.

Depending upon the location and availability of services, a Volunteer Fire Department may be responsible for controlling structure fires as well as grass fires. Because it may be the only emergency services department for some distance, a rural Volunteer Fire Department may also be fortunate to include first responders, emergency medical technicians, Hazardous Materials response, and other specially qualified rescue personnel.

Knowles Fire Department

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Chief Michael Singleton

Location: 515 E. Pinson, Knowles, NM 88242

The Knowles Volunteer Fire Department won't be following trends, but setting the pace for everyone else. Knowles Fire is located North of Hobbs off Highway 132 and covers a large area both North of Hobbs and East of Lovington. They stand ready to respond to any emergency in their district and provide exceptional service to their community when called.

Maljamar Fire Department

Maljamar 351, 315, and 394
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Chief Curry Pruit

Location: Hw 126 and Highway 82, Maljamar, NM 88264

Maljamar Volunteer Fire Department is located at the West end of Lea County and have a large response area. Maljamar Fire must always be prepared for an array of situations which include motor vehicle accidents, grass fires, and oilfield related incidents/fires to name of few. Maljamar Fire stands ready for any emergency situation and is proud to serve their community.

Monument Fire Department

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Chief Justin Solomon

Monument Volunteer Fire Department is located in Monument, NM and covers a large area toward the middle of the county. Monument can experience any type of emergency event and it's experienced volunteer fire service is ready for any task big or small. Monument Fire stands ready to meet the needs of a growing population and the challenges that brings.

Lea County Airport Fire Department

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Lorenzo Velasquez, Director

Location: Lea Regional Airport- Hobbs, NM 88240

Lea County Airport Rescue and Firefighting ( ARFF) is a full time and part time, paid fire service serving the Lea Regional Airport and is a FAA and NFPA compliant response team for any aircraft emergency situation. This dedicated team stands ready to respond to any emergency around the airport in under 3 minutes.

Mailing Address: 100 N. Main St, Lovington, NM 88260

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