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Detention Center

1401 S. Commercial
Lovington, NM 88260

It is the mission of the Lea County Detention Center to establish a safe, secure and humane facility for detainees in our custody. It is our goal to provide firm, fair and consistent treatment to all detainees.

The Detention Center will make every effort to differentiate between types of detainees in our classification process to ensure the safety of all. During their incarceration we will provide each detainee, regardless of their crime, creed, national origin, or gender, with their basic needs such as, shelter, food, clothing, and medical care.

It is our intention to provide programs which may influence as well as motivate offenders, so they can return to their environment and provide vital resources back to the community. Along with this we will provide for the basic physical, emotional, religious, and educational needs, within our abilities. We will maintain a level of security necessary to prevent escape and assure a safe Detention Center for inmates and staff.


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