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Animal Control/Environmental Enforcement

Lorenzo Velasquez, Director

1019 East Bender Boulevard, Hobbs, NM 88240 -
(575) 391-2983 - lvelasquez@leacounty.net
Lorenzo Velasquez
Cell (575) 605-6561

Cassie Corley
Cell (575) 942-8222

1019 East Bender Boulevard
Hobbs, NM 88240
(575) 391-2983

Hours of Operation
7:30 AM-4:30 PM Monday-Friday
Off on Weekends and Major Holidays


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Animal Control Calls
  • Animal Running at Large
  • Vicious Animal
  • Animal Bite
  • Dead Animal
  • Welfare of an Animal
  • Sick or Injured Animal
  • Surrender of an Animal
  • Animal Abuse
  • Animal Nuisance
  • Dogs attacking Livestock
Environmental Enforcement Calls
  • Liquid Waste
  • Solid Waste
  • Accumulation
  • Vehicle Accumulation
  • Weeds, Debris
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Scattering of Solid Waste
  • Dilapidated Building
  • Right-of-way
  • ETZ
On Call Hours
4:30PM-7:30 AM Sunday-Saturday
Sheriff Department: (575) 396-3611


If my animal dies, will your department pick up the deceased animal?
No, all animal owners are responsible for the disposal of their animal.

How many animals can I have on my property?
"A household may have up to six (6) dogs or cats above the age of three (3) months or any combination" without a Kennel Permit. Ordinance 81 Section 6.H

How many animals can I have with a Kennel Permit?
"15 dogs or cats or any combination thereof" Ordinance 81 Section 6.I.

How do I get my dog or cat picked up if I can no longer care for it?
Call our office to schedule a surrender of the animal. The officer will meet you at your location and have you sign a surrender sheet. The animal may not be reclaimed after surrender sheet is signed.

How do I get my animal euthanized that is injured, sick, or elderly?
You can take it to the nearest shelter or a veterinarian. Fees may apply to animal owner.


How many inoperable vehicles can I have on my property?
You are not allowed any inoperable vehicles. See Nuisance Ordinance 95 Section 9


Kennel Permit Process

  • Complete the Kennel Permit Application
  • ***Include all vaccination records with application***
  • Submit application to the Environmental Department located at 1019 E. Bender, Hobbs.
  • Once the paperwork has been reviewed a site inspection of the location will be set up by the Environmental Officer assigned.
  • If the inspection is approved, a meeting will be set up at the office for issuance of the permit and to collect the $10 fee.

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