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Addressing/New Construction

Lorenzo Velasquez, Director

1019 East Bender Boulevard, Hobbs, NM 88240 -
(575) 391-2983 - lvelasquez@leacounty.net
Lorenzo Velasquez
Cell (575) 605-6561
Cassie Corley
Cell (575) 942-8222
1019 East Bender Boulevard
Hobbs, NM 88240
(575) 391-2983
Hours of Operation
8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Off Weekends and Major Holidays
Entrance on the Southwest Side of Annex
Ring Doorbell for Service

Lea County Application Directions

County Properties
  • Application must be submitted with pages 2 & 5 completed with a site plan of the development
  • Submit a copy of the warranty deed and drivers license of the owner to the property
  • The site plan must include all existing and proposed structures and measurements (Refer to pages 3 & 4 for examples)
City Limit Address Requests
  • Submit page 2 completed
  • Submit a copy of the warranty deed to the property
Submit to:
  • Drop off: 1019 E Bender, Hobbs
  • E-mail: kproctor@leacounty.net
  • Fax: 575-391-8764
Application Questions:
Cassie Corley 575-942-8222 (Applications & Floodplain) ccorley@leacounty.net
Kelsey Proctor 575-659-8282 (Addressing) kproctor@leacounty.net
Nohemi Estrada 575-704-2098 (Liquid Waste/IFC) vdowell@leacounty.net


How many acres do I need to put a House/Mobile Home?
The County requires .75 acres per house or mobile home.

Can I place more than one House/Mobile Home on my property?

1. Must meet minimum acreage size for allocated septic tank.
2. Must meet all set back requirements for the property.
3. Must have appropriate spacing to meet IFC 2009.
4. Authorization from the county is needed.

Can I connect my RV to my home septic system?
No. An RV cannot be connected to a septic system.
Title 20 Chapter 7 Part 3 Environmental Protection
Waste Water and Water Supply Facilities
Liquid Waste Disposal and Treatment

Where do I start if I want to put an RV park?
1. Check your subdivision and covenant restrictions at the court house.
2. Complete the Lea County Application above.
3. RV's must meet requirements of the Liquid Waste Ordinance 83 and IFC Chapter 5.
4. Spacing between RV's must be at least 30'x60'.
5. Must meet all set back requirements.
6. Only 3 RV's per 1500 gallon holding tank.
7. Must get County and State approval.

Do I need to get my RV's their own address?
If you are located in the County and outside the ETJ of Hobbs you will not need individual addresses for your RV's. The County will address the home or lot. The property owner will be in charge of placing the unit or space numbers on the RV spaces for emergency response to find.

If you are located in the County and inside the ETJ of Hobbs you will need to address your RV spaces.

What is the ETJ of Hobbs?
ETJ stands for Extra Territorial Jurisdiction. It allows for the future expansion of the City of Hobbs.

How do I know if I'm in the ETJ of Hobbs?
See Link below. Areas located within this map are in ETJ of Hobbs.


Reasons for Calling
  • New Address
  • Change of Address
  • Look up an Address
  • Road Names
Information Needed for a New Address
  • Property Owner
  • Property Location
  • Owner Phone Number
  • Parcel Number
  • **Owner Number**
  • Property Deed
New Address Process
  • Submittal of Lea County Application
  • Officer meets with Owner/designee at the property to plot the point
  • Plot is sent to IT to configure 911 Address
  • Paperwork is sent back with New Address
  • Notification of New Address is Sent to Requester by Mail, E-mail, or Fax
Information needed to Look up Address
  • Property Location
  • Property Owner
  • Parcel Number
  • Owner Number (Preferred)
Locations Addressed
  • Lovington
  • Tatum
  • Jal
  • Eunice
  • Lea County
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