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County Manager

Mike Gallagher, Lea County Manager

Mike Gallagher, Lea County Manager

100 N. Main Avenue, Suite 4, Lovington, NM 88260 - (575) 396-8601 or (575) 605-6567 - mgallagher@leacounty.net

The County Manager is appointed by the Lea County Board of County Commissioners and is tasked with several duties pertaining to day to day operation of Lea county including:

• Operating the county with a professional understanding of how all county functions operate together to their best effect;

• Supervising day-to-day operations of all county departments and staff, directly and through department heads;

• Advising the Board of Commissioners on overall governmental operations;

• Assisting and advising the County Commission in development of policies and procedures;

• Implementing and administering Lea County policies established by the County Commission;

• Monitoring and executing the county budget;

• Meeting with citizens, citizen groups and businesses;

• Representing the county at various governmental or community agencies;

• Insuring that the County complies with all state and federal laws, rules and regulations;

• Scheduling, planning and preparing and publishing the agenda for all County Commission meetings;

• Performing any additional duties that may be assigned by the Commission;

Inspection of Public Records Act

The Inspection of Public Records Act is intended to provide the public with access to information on governmental affairs. The law requires public access to virtually all public records with a few exceptions. Most records are available for public inspection during normal business hours. To request to inspect records from Lea County please send a written request to:

Records Custodian:

Public Information Officer Monica M. Russell
100 N. Main Avenue, Suite 4, Lovington, NM 88260
Phone: (575) 396-9110 Fax: (575) 396-2093
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