Lea County Health & Wellness Department

Providing Well Rounded Services Together

At Lea County Health and Wellness, we strive to provide quality care to the clients and the community we serve. Lea County Health and Wellness combines Mental Health Services, Alcohol, and Other Drugs Services, and Connections Program services into a single system of care.

Lea County Health & Wellness Mission Statement


The Mission of Lea County Health and Wellness is to provide the highest quality behavioral

health and substance use disorder assistance along with targeted case management

services to individuals in need. We will ensure a full continuum of quality education,

prevention, intervention, and treatment services are available for eligible residents. We

will assist clients in obtaining the services needed and support them to meet their goals to improve functionality and cultivate positive changes in behavior.

Group Counseling & Therapy

  • Providing opportunities for clients to develop communication skills and participate in socialization experiences; is particularly useful for individuals whose socializing has revolved around using drugs or alcohol
  • Establishing an environment in which clients help, support, and, when necessary, confront one another
  • Introducing structure and discipline into the often chaotic lives of clients
  • Providing norms that reinforce healthful ways of interacting in a safe and supportive therapeutic milieu is crucial for recovery
  • Advancing individual recovery; group members who are further along in recovery can help other members
  • Providing a venue for group leaders to transmit new information, teach new skills, and guide clients as they practice new behaviors

Services Provided

  • Group Counseling and Therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Psychoeducational programming
  • Monitoring alcohol and drug use
  • Community-based support groups
  • Family involvement and counseling
  • Comprehensive psychosocial assessment
  • Life skills education

Connections Program

The Connections Program is responsible for monitoring treatment and educational referrals as well as aiding clients in accessing services with outside agencies and resources to improve educational, health, occupational, relational, emotional, and behavioral goals.

Connections Program Mission

The Lea County Connections Program's mission is to ensure an integrated system of care from prevention through intervention for displaced individuals and families within our community. We strive to accomplish this through the development of policies and practices, community involvement, advocacy, and the coordination of services that respect human dignity, strengthen partnerships, and maximize resources.