Misdemeanor Compliance

Providing Well-Rounded Services Together

The efforts of Lea County Probation's DWI Program and Compliance Divisions work hand in hand to attain the needed changes in behavior to shape their clients into successful members of society. With the collaboration of efforts from all divisions, we increase the probability of success for each and every client.

Court Compliance Officers

Misdemeanor Compliance BadgeCourt Compliance Officers (CCO) serve as officers of the Court and agents of Lea County Probation. They are responsible for the supervision of persons referred by the Courts who receive a conditional release to the community. Their mission is to execute the sentence ordered by the Court, control risk to the community, and promote law-abiding behavior.


  • Use suitable methods to bring about conduct and situational improvements
  • Assess risk levels posed to the community and establish supervision plans which minimize the risk
  • Utilize risk control supervision activities
  • Assess and address behavior and circumstances which are likely to be associated with future criminal conduct
  • Monitor compliance with court-ordered sanctions while providing direction and encouraging successful outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of The Lea County Misdemeanor Probation Compliance is to provide a safer community for Lea County residents by monitoring convicted offenders to ensure court-ordered probation stipulations are met and rehabilitation efforts are completed, resulting in changes in behavior.

You can complete and submit your Monthly Supervision Report to your Compliance Officer.

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