LCCA Training Department

Dannette Martinez - Training Coordinator

The Lea County Communication Authority Training Department is responsible for two main areas of training. The first is the initial training for new hires. The second is continuing education and specialized training for all Lea County Communication Authority staff.

The Training Department works closely with the Quality Assurance Department to offer remedial training and refresher training programs when necessary.

The Training Coordinator oversees a group of certified Communications Training Officers (CTOs) who train and mentor new hires during the hands-on portion of their training.

New employees enter into a rigorous 24-week training program that includes classroom instruction, simulation, and hands-on live training.

New-hire instruction runs Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day for the first 2 weeks of training. During those first 2 weeks, trainees will attend in-house and county new employee orientation. Trainees will learn basic call-taking techniques and be introduced to Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD).

During the remaining 22 weeks, trainees become certified in CPR, Basic First Aid, Emergency Medical Dispatch, and NCIC operations. Additionally, they learn emergency communications skills and how to operate the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, the 911 telephone system, and the P25 Radio system.

The Training Program consists of 4 phases. Phase 1 is Call Taking, Phase 2 is Records, Phase 3 is Fire 1 and 2, and last Phase 4 is Police Radio. Testing is conducted throughout the training program as well as a final written and practical exam for final release from each phase of training.

Communication Training Officers write Daily Observation Reports (DORs) on their trainees daily. This is to give the trainee and everyone involved in the training process an idea of where the trainee stands in the program.

Finally, all Lea County Communication Authority Dispatchers must attend a 3-week training program at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy to become State Certified as a Public Safety Telecommunicator. This training and certification must be completed within the first year of hire.