LCCA Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC)

Jessica Villanueva – TAC

The Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) is an individual designated by the Director of the Lea County Communication Authority to serve as a liaison between the agency and the State.

The TAC assumes the responsibility of ensuring compliance with State and NCIC policies and regulations as well as displaying knowledge about the telecommunications system and the general operation of the terminal equipment.

Duties and responsibilities include being the day-to-day contact person between the terminal agency and the State. The TAC is also the first contact that the terminal operator(s) of the Lea County Communication Authority should have when experiencing problems with the equipment, or transactions or when there is a question concerning NCIC, NLETS, and NMLETS matters.

The TAC also unifies agency responsibility for System user discipline and serves as the CSO's contact point for addressing routine and non-routine NCIC, NLETS, and NMLETS matters and any other matters concerning system use that may arise. The TAC is responsible for monitoring system use, enforcing system discipline, and assuring the NCIC, NLETS, and NMLETS operating procedures are followed by the agency and those agencies for whom they are responsible (non-terminal agencies).

Currently, The Lea County Communication Authority holds user agreements with The Hobbs Police Department, the Lea County Sheriff's Department, the Lea County Detention Center, the Lea County Drug Task Force, New Mexico Game and Fish, New Mexico Livestock, U.S. Marshall's, and the Bureau of Land Management.

In addition, the TAC is responsible for overseeing the validation of NCIC records, quality control, training and certification of operators, record maintenance, and terminal security officer. The TAC ensures that the agency administrator and all affected personnel are familiar with all procedures, policies, and requirements outlined in the NMLETS User Agreements, NCIC, and NMLETS Operating Manuals. The Lea County Communication Authority is committed to excellence therefore each employee is audited each month on NCIC system use ensuring all employees are following the guidelines of NCIC Policies.

The TAC also keeps their agency administrator apprised of all current and future matters or problems regarding NCIC/NMLETS, as well as informing the DPS/CSO of any/all violations or potential problems.

The TAC is responsible for setting up new users in the NCIC system by submitting User Authorization forms to the DPS. NCIC Certification for new employees must be completed in the first 6 months of employment, after the first certification is completed all operators will complete an NCIC and Security Awareness re-certification test biennially from the date of their first certification.

It is the responsibility of the Agency Administrator, through the TAC, to investigate and report to the DPS/CSO any cases or potential cases of system misuse immediately. If there is any question regarding the misuse/illegal use of information, the TAC or Agency Administrator should be contacted immediately.