LCCA Quality Service Department (QA)

Delana Riley - Quality Assurance Coordinator

My name is DeLana Riley; I am the Quality Assurance Coordinator for LCCA. I have proudly served Lea County for over 21 years. I am very proud of LCCA and the accomplishments we have achieved over the past 4 years since Lea County consolidated its 911 centers into the Lea County Communication Authority.

My job function is to assure that all Communication specialists follow all policies and protocols of the Center and obtain and relay necessary information on all calls as needed. As the QA Coordinator, I conduct Quality Assurance Reviews (QARs) on each Communication Specialist. During the QAR I review, evaluate, and measure compliance of calls with designated policy standards, and agency expectations. I complete a monthly report summarizing the reviews. Each Communication Specialist must maintain a pre-determined compliance level each month. Communication Specialists that fail to meet the minimum requirements will be placed on a Compliance level action plan outlined by the Quality Assurance Coordinator. At this point, the Quality Assurance Coordinator and the Training Officer work closely together to assist in additional training to help improve scores for future compliance. Additional training and/or progressive disciplinary action will apply. This does not exclude incidents that require immediate disciplinary action. All QARs are conducted privately, and the employees are given the opportunity to provide feedback during their QA review.

We at LCCA strive to provide the best possible service to the citizens of Lea County and a large part of that service is making sure the quality of our Communication Specialists continues to uphold the high standards we place on them for the protection and support of the Citizens of Lea County.

LCCA Quality Assurance Mission Statement

The mission of the Lea County Communication Authority Quality Program is committed to maintaining regular reviews to assure we are providing quality service to all public safety agencies, enabling these agencies to perform their duties effectively and efficiently; and to provide requested services to our citizens and other departments in a courteous, helpful and timely manner, while maintaining a high standard of professionalism.