Recording Fees

Recording Fees for Lea County, New Mexico
Real Estate Records Recording

All documents recorded in Lea County require a 1 ½ inch margin on every page of the document and font must be a minimum of 8pt.

If you are E- filing a document and any part of the document is not legible the document may be rejected with a request to mail the document in for recording.

All documents: (including Financing Statements / Uniform Commercial Code Filing. These fees apply to all filings: initial filings, amendments, continuations, assignments, releases, partial releases, and terminations.)

1 to 10 Index Entries - $25 NMSA 14-8-15B

Each additional block of 10 entries - $25 NMSA 14-8-15C

Entries to Index are defined as:

1 Grantor = 1 Entry

1 Grantee = 1 Entry

1 Reference = 1 Entry

References are defined as:

  • Legal description. If described as a section, township, and range, each different section, township, and range is counted as a reference. If described as a subdivision, each different Tract, Unit, or Block. If all references do not have a legal description, then:
  • Book and Page reference. If all references do not have a book and page number, then:
  • State or Federal Lease number. If all references do not have a lease number then:
  • A combination of any of the above in order to index each reference.

Copy Fees

$.50 per page

Fax Fees

$.50 per page

Scanning Documents & Email Fees

$.50 per page

Additional accommodations will be an additional fee.

Filing Fee for Surveys or Plats

81/2 x 14 - 24 x 36 $25

Lea County's indexing is available online through our website The Grantee and Grantor index books from 1917 to 1981 are scanned and online under the Scanned indexing tab. Please note this data is provided as a public service for your convenience. Updates and corrections occur on a daily basis; however, the County shall not incur any liability for omissions with respect to the information provided in this data.