Marriage Licenses

The County Clerk's Office is available to issue marriage licenses from 8 am until 5 pm Monday through Friday.

No blood testing is required and there is no waiting period.

The license Fee is $25, which must be cash - no checks or credit cards.

Age & ID Requirements

Required ID - Valid Driver's License or Student ID with Birth Date.

  1. 18 years or older with an ID
  2. 16 or older but under 18 years of age with ID and the written consent of each of the minor's living parents as shown on the minor's certificate of birth, or the district court has authorized the marriage of such person upon request of a parent or legal guardian of the person for good cause shown, and a certified copy of the judicial authorization is filed with the county clerk, pursuant to Section 40-1-6 NMSA 1978.
    1. The parent or legal guardian must also have the required ID.
    2. Legal guardians must present Certified Guardianship Appointment Documents from the Courts.
  3. Under 16 years of age with an Order from the District Court.

Marriage Ceremonies

The Marriage License does not expire and will be valid when the Marriage Ceremony is performed.

Marriage Ceremony must take place in the state of New Mexico.

The couple is responsible for contacting a minister, pastor, priest, or judge to perform the marriage ceremony.

License must be returned to the County Clerk within 90 days of the marriage ceremony.

The following persons are available for marriage ceremonies, it is your responsibility to contact them to schedule the ceremony before you get the license and certificate:

  • Judges
    • Sylvia Rodriguez Alt Judge, - Eunice - 575-441-8534
  • Ministers
    • Diana Gonzalez, Lovington, Bilingual - 575-333-0542

    • Elizabeth Holguin, Hobbs - 575-602-4711

    • Estella Gonzalez, Hobbs - 575-441-2242

    • Jerry Lambert, Lovington – 575-399-2029

    • Jaime Gonzales,Hobbs - 575-942-3206

    • Tony Ray Arsbon, Hobbs – 575-691-6157

    • Douglas Levy, Hobbs - 575-631-3839

    • Caroline Esquivel, Hobbs - 575-552-2336

    • Noel Josue Aguirre, Hobbs - 575-691-6980

    • Alex Machuca, Hobbs - 575-390-6543

    • Isaac Rodriguez Escandon - 575-552-6453

    • Yvette Diaz - 575-964-5263

    • Carlos Navarrette, Hobbs, Bilingual - 575-602-1614

Some Ministers and Judges may charge a fee.