The Lea County Planning Department reviews any division of property in the unincorporated areas of the County for the purpose of sale, lease, or other conveyance. The department gathers, analyzes, and reviews data, making recommendations on subjects such as subdivisions, claims of exemption, site plans, zoning and special use permits, and similar issues.

Types of Subdivisions

The following table outlines the required process for various types of subdivisions.

TypeNumber of ParcelSize of Smallest Parce
One500 Parcels or moreLess than 10 acresPreliminary / Final Plat
Two25 to 499Less than 10 acres    
Preliminary / Final Plat
Three A2 to 5Less than 10 acres    
Summary Review
Three B6 to 24Less than 10 acres    
Preliminary / Final Plat
Four25 or more10 acres or morePreliminary / Final Plat
Five2 to 2410 acres or more
Summary Review

Please review the Claim of Exemption application for exemption to the subdivision process.

The Lea County Planning and Zoning Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month to review open subdivision applications and discuss other businesses. Check for the legal notice and agenda on the Lea County meetings webpage or contact the Planning Department for more information.

For any further information, to schedule a pre-application conference, or to submit a subdivision application, please contact Bruce Reid at 575-396-8696.

Please Note:

  • To complete any division of land, the property owner must have paid in full the current year's property taxes.
  • Before approving the final plat for a subdivision containing ten or more parcels, any one of which is two acres or less in size, the Board of Commissioners shall require that the subdivider provide proof of a service commitment from a water provider and an opinion from the Office of the State Engineer that the subdivider can fulfill the water needs of that subdivision (Paragraph 1 of Subsection F of Section 47-6-11 NMSA 1978).

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