The Lea County Planning Department provides long-range planning, land use planning, strategic planning, and community development projects to address the diverse needs of Lea County residents. The Planning Department works with other departments and members of the community to help Lea County reach its long-term goals. It is also responsible for the Subdivision Regulations, the Extraterritorial Zoning

Ordinances, the County Road Map, GIS, and address.

The mission of the Planning Department is to support growth and manage the land development processes of Lea County in an efficient and effective manner by advising boards, assisting applicants for developments, and enforcing land use and related regulations, with the goal of planning for sustainable land use and development within Lea County so that the community can thrive within a healthy environment.

The Planning Department works to achieve goals identified in plans such as:

  • Lea County Comprehensive Plan
  • 40-Year Water Plan
  • Lea County Affordable Housing Plan
  • Quality of Life Committee
  • Recreational Master Plan
  • Other long-range plans under development

Lea County, NM experienced the fastest population growth in the State of New Mexico in 2012. The population grew 1.8%, while

two-thirds of the state's counties lost population. This growth followed an increase of nearly 17% from 2000 to 2010. Lea County, located in the Southeast corner of New Mexico, has a population of 66,118 and covers 4,390 square miles. Much of the recent growth can be attributed to booming oil and gas industries prevalent throughout the Permian Basin.

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