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Lea County Treasurer

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100 N. Main Avenue, Suite C3, Lovington, NM 88260
Phone: (575) 396-8643
Fax: (575) 396-6820

Lea County Treasurer Susan Marinovich

Lea County Chief Deputy Treasurer Lajuan Hayes

The Treasurer is the elected tax collector of Lea County - and not just for the county government - but for the municipalities, school districts, the State of New Mexico and other taxing entities within Lea County's borders. Upon the County Assessor's assessed valuation, the Treasurer's Office prepares and mails property tax bills and delinquency notices, and subsequently collects the real and personal property taxes of Lea County property owners.
The Treasurer also serves as banker to all other revenues, such as proceeds from bond issues and special assessments. The Treasurer invests surplus funds until they are needed for county operations.

We are proud to offer Lea County property owners the convenience of paying tax bills online using one of the methods shown below.

There is a 2.45% fee for using this service. With a minimum fee of $2.00.

Pay Lea County Taxes

Credit cards, debit cards, checks, and money orders are accepted
1st half due November 10, 2017. Delinquent Date
December 11, 2017
After December 10th, 1st Half Taxes are considered delinquent.
To AVOID penalty and interest, all 1st half payments must be postmarked
NO LATER THAN December 10, 2017
If you have any questions, please call (575) 396-8643.
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2017 Tax Levies

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are tax bills mailed?
Tax bills are mailed before or on November 1st of each year. If you did not receive your tax bill, please call 396-8643 and the office staff will assist you with a duplicate tax bill.
2. When is my 1st half tax payment due?
First half payments are due November 10th and become delinquent if not paid by December 10th.
3. When is my 2nd half tax payment due?
Second half payments are due April 10th and become delinquent if not paid by May 10th. No notice of second half payments is mailed.
4. If I didn't receive my tax bill and it is after the delinquency date, do I have to pay late charges?
According to ยง7-38-36 NMSA 1978, a taxpayer is still liable for taxes and late charges even though the bill was not received.
5. If I can't pay my taxes when due, what are the late payment charges?
Interest will be charged on unpaid taxes at the rate of 1% per month. A penalty charge of 1% per month will also be charged. Penalty will not exceed 5% of the unpaid base tax. A minimum penalty of $5.00 will be charged. Penalty and interest will be charged on both 1st and 2nd half tax amounts when delinquent.
6. When I pay my taxes, will I receive a receipt?
Taxpayers who pay their tax bill at the Treasurer's Office will receive a receipt. If a taxpayer pays their tax bill by mail, a receipt will be returned if a pre-addressed and stamped envelope is enclosed.
7. I received a tax bill but my mortgage company pays my taxes?
Each property owner receives a tax bill whether or not a mortgage company pays the taxes. If a mortgage company requests a copy of your tax bill, your tax amount will be submitted to the mortgage company on a computer listing. A taxpayer should check their tax bill to see that it correctly reflects their mortgage company. If the information is not correct, please contact the mortgage company. Tax bills are provided to mortgage companies only upon request by the mortgage company.
8. Why does the prior owner's name still appear on my tax bill?
The prior owner's name is used for tracking purposes. When you sell the property, your name will appear on the tax bill as a prior owner.
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Inspection of Public Records Act

The Inspection of Public Records Act is intended to provide the public with access to information on governmental affairs. The law requires public access to virtually all public records with a few exceptions. Most records are available for public inspection during normal business hours. To request to inspect records from Lea County please send a written request to:

Records Custodian:

County Manager Mike Gallagher
100 N. Main Avenue, Suite 4, Lovington, NM 88260
Phone: (575) 396-8601 Fax: (575) 396-2093

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